Go To Hell, Chris Thompson

by Ah, Venice



released June 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Ah, Venice Nanaimo, British Columbia

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Track Name: Defiance
when it comes right down to it/ and defiance is all i’ve got/ i will not be broken by you ■ i know who’s calling and i don’t want to pick up/ i keep hanging up and you keep calling back/ i don’t want to cure this heart attack/ i don’t want you back
Track Name: Two Black Eyes
i just saw somebody for the last time/ and i knew it was gonna be the last time so i didn’t say goodbye/ i got two black eyes ‘cause i got in a fight ■ i know someone who will shortly have died/ a really nice fella who i’m glad has been alive but i didn’t say goodbye/ he asked if i’m alright ‘cause i fell off my bike ■ so sorry to see you go ■ when i dream i’m always around, i never dream outside this town/ everybody’s smiling in my dreams/ everybody’s teeth are so clean, and they bite into the lakes and the streams ■ so sorry to see you go
Track Name: Forgot All My Lines
my heroes that i met in that meeting that i mentioned/ i was high the whole time/ and if i had to do it over, i wonder if i’d do it well ■ the quiet interrogation of practiced conversation/ i forgot all my lines/ and i don’t remember what you said when i told you all about it ■ be my eyes, be my memory/ let me know when i come back down & wait to see if i come home/ read my lips and then get back to me/ cast off my manipulation and call to see if it’s alright if i come home ■ i was inside, mostly keeping to myself/ i closed my eyes/ and the neighbors on the news would describe me in the aftermath as quiet ■ i opened up my eyes and looked down at my hands/ and said christ what have i done? whose blood is this? is this all mine? jesus christ/ anyway i’m sorry
Track Name: Until It Had Become Me
at night i make my way down to the water/ i’m so used to doing it wrong/ every night i swallow the river/ i’ve been thirsty for so long ■ i rushed to greet the turbid stream/ but now that isn’t what lays before me/ i soaked it up until it had become me/ i drank the dirt until it was clean
Track Name: See You At The 10-Year
some dumb town’s best showman of the century sailed away to stand out from a different crowd/ for all your stupid reasons and still the best ones i can think of/ lost a friend to go after the girl ■ all your tired anecdotes that i don’t understand or have forgotten like anything i can/ will make you think of home perhaps and all the friends still here/ i’ll see you when you come back next year ■ and if a man asks you to spare a dime somewhere upon your travels and you think of all the grace you’ve been bestowed/ and all the smiling faces, turned cheeks and friendly eyes/ well what i’m trying to say i guess is spare the dime
Track Name: New Hotel
it’s getting colder back home/ they took away my favourite park and replaced it with a hole/ i’ve forgiven all my debts in the world/ how badly do i really need the money that i’m owed? yeah ■ i laugh and laugh to shy away the dark between the light although it’s not the darkness that keeps me up at night/ i can find a new best friend or at least someone who can move in ■ i’ve grown tired of this smoking gun/ of the city that i used to love/ they’re digging up my stomping ground to make room for a hotel ■ i’m getting older back home/ but i don’t mind, i feel i’ve got some catching up to do/ i’ve forgotten how to sleep alone/ i dismissed all that i knew about how to be on my own ■ my mind wanders/ i daydream the day away so that at night i’m out of things to say/ i don’t know where to aim my day/ i write wonderful letters just to throw them away
Track Name: Kiss Me On The Mouth
this is your old place by the bridge, i only came over every now and again/ this one’s of you although i don’t have very many pictures from back then/ didn’t really know you then but we liked each other’s rhymes/ you asked about some lyrics that happened to be to my favourite song at the time ■ this is our second apartment in that later building back when i was still falling in love with you/ cutting our own hair and going to all-ages shows after a drink or two/ we’d ditch all our friends, i think they knew we were ducking out/ i wrote you a christmas song and you kissed me on the mouth ■ this is my ol place in the rough part of town back where you and me used to meet/ they found a bunch of whores and a dead guy living there but the rent was cheap/ we went off like wildfire & moved three blocks west/ i loved you then but lord i’ll never live in an apartment again ■ this is our house on the corner where we thought we had all the time in the world/ there was a hole in the roof while you still lived there but i didn’t find it ‘till afterwards/ we may well have been doomed, although it’s not like we tried/ you kept looking at my mouth like you wanted a kiss goodbye
Track Name: Be Glad
lord i hope heaven exists and christ i hope they let you in/ no stronger arms to be held in then the man i put my faith in/ i hope the pearly gates when you pass between are real well-lit so that you can see/ ‘cause i don’t want you to miss a thing in the shadows of the clouds on which you will be walking/ i hope that when you meet the man he stands right up to shake your hand/ says thanks for thinking of me down there, your son sends a prayer/ he says goddamn i miss that man, and god if he shakes your hand, if you can hear and understand/ then be glad/ god i’m gonna miss you
Track Name: Devil's In The Details
so now i give me love to you, there are some tips and tricks for you to do/ be confident when you hit the brakes, take you time on the turns you take/ so now i give me love away, she was given to me past a year less a day/ we crossed the country and came back to town, i ran my love into the ground ■ so now i give my love to you she stood by me and i saw her through/ i know what the sounds that she makes have meant, she was my love my warmth and my tent/ so now i give my love away, maybe she’ll be given back to me someday/ she runs on five ‘cause one won’t fire but give her a break, she’s old and tired ■ she’s seen better days and those days have gone/ the devil’s in the details, but so is god
Track Name: 110 percent
i can learn so quick, i’m so fast goddamn/ tie one hand behind my back, and do it all by hand/ you’ve never seen me fly, maybe seen me around/ but you’ve seen me try, my feet don’t touch the ground/ well who are you anyhow? ■ i got out when you’re at home, i’m a crack-shot for no one/ so call me up when you’re alone, i’m a dead-eye when you’re gone/ girl i’ll show you something, show you a thing or two/ boy i’ll show you something, who am i? well who are you? ■ i’ve lived downtown, i been punched i been bruised/ girl i’ll mess your love around, i’ll kick the shit out of lovin’ you/ i’m 100%, i don’t even make sense/ i can divide by zero, i gave up failure for lent
Track Name: We Go Where The Wild Geese Go
i can’t give you love, i hope it’s not what you want/ i can be civil sure, i just hope that’s not enough/ and if you want a part of me, i’m so happy to give it away/ but i’ve already given my heart, there’s just a hole where it was that remains, yeah ■ this is the accident before my accident, and this is the one i could accept/ this is back when we had all the time in the world, and this is when i needed my friends and i just wish i had more ■ this is back when you were still falling in love with me, and this is when i couldn’t breathe/ this is back when i was underwater and you were nowhere to be seen, when i probably should’ve been learning another trick just keep it up my sleeve ■ we go where the wild geese go
Track Name: Very Good Friend
aw damnit, i wanna know everything, have you ever been to thunder bay, do you lie/ aw cinnamon, i think i might’ve made a bad decision, maybe might as well to just stick with it, at least it rhymed ■ oh oh oh i’ve got a very good friend ■ we can do it, we can take the sweetest jumps, let down your sweetest hair, kick off them sweetest pumps/ i believe it’s all happening, i believe in the impossible, believe me we’ll meet downtown, and we’ll run like animals ■ concentrate like fruit punch, i’d like to buy you lunch, but we don’t even have to try that much