Christmash The Patriarchy

by Ah, Venice



I wanted to write a Christmas album and I guess I did, I hope you like it.


released December 7, 2017

Alicia Murray - drums on 4, 7
Max Pittet - vocals on 4, 7
Chris Thompson - the other stuff


all rights reserved



Ah, Venice Nanaimo, British Columbia


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Track Name: A Gift (An Apology Is Not A Gift, Jesse Lacey)
i see you trying to fight the fight but just fuelling the fire
but it's not about you
you had so far to fall because i held you higher
but it's not about you
and you really couldn't think of something better to say?
like a gift that you were giving away
i guess you didn't think we'd notice when you gathered it in
and then made it about yourself again
did you get carried away
did you get carried away
Track Name: You Can Do What You Like
on christmas eve you'll be looking to me
at the end of the day i'll be coming your way
if you write it down, i'll be coming to town
just mail me a list, here's my new address
i'll be checking it twice, see if you're naughty or nice
you can do what you like, that's goddamn right
and if you already have everything you want
dont worry about me
i'll keep rambling on the folks who wrote
you don't owe me anything
asking "what can i do?" instead of "what do you need?"
take the burden off you and put a little on me
i been doing my best but i ain't done yet
i been keeping it tight on christmas night
Track Name: A Miracle
it's gonna be hard sell
this used to be a christmas song
but with everything that's going on
it woulda be strange not to address it
and just sing about spirit and giving presents
and honestly, speaking of which
we're gonna need a miracle
sit in silence next to capitol
strawman fallback speak in absolutes
christmas time in need of miracle
challenge patriarchal heart of gold
Track Name: Keep It Cool
you don't wanna talk about it
i don't wanna talk about it too
shoulda stuck to christmas tunes
but from me to you, i think we gotta talk it through
cause there's a little bit of son-of-a-bitch even in the purest heart
don'tcha get it
and there's little bit of power in a casual remark
and if i let you down, i'll try to let your heart through
and if you won't back down, i'll do my best to keep it cool
what do you want for christmas
do you wanna do a thing for free
it's as easy as this, scooch over now
& make a little room to breathe
and if you wanna talk about what's really going on behind the curtain
well that's alright with me
and if you wanna learn a lesson from little bit of broken heart
you gotta let it bleed
Anyway that's the idea
try my best to be better too
i know it's hard to do that hard work
but to not do it is cruel, and i know that that's not you
and if it's gonna take forever then we better get an early start
don'tcha think so
and if you wanna get it started you don't even need to know your part
no no
Track Name: Fifteen
and i couldn't write a brand new song since i found out
could you really not think of something better to say?
and i don't have any more forgiving to hand out
could you really not think of something better to say?
i thought i trusted you
i thought i trusted you
she was only fifteen
she was only fifteen
Track Name: Christmash The Patriarchy
it's not just the falling snow that keeps me banging on the door
and it's not the leaves below that make me thing we can do better
i know the cold can be a gift, and don't get me wrong
there's a dread that lies within in
it's the climate not the weather
i hope you mean it, i read your letter
well i read the first bit, you've done better
step into winter, spirit of giving
do you believe that, it's about your forgiving
the world is yours, it always has been
the ease with which you, you have been living
we are complicit, that is our power
we can do nothing and it remains ours
it's gonna take forever, and i'm already on my way
if you wanna get it started, you don't need to wait for me
as if i could make a difference, take any suffering away
as if you needed my permission, see you there on christmas day
thought that we were getting closer
thought i could smell it in the air
never looking out the window,
thought that we were almost there
but i don't think we were moving
not that anybody cared
say there waiting for permission
slowly racking up the fare
it's gonna take forever, i'm already on my way

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