Boxing Week

by Ah, Venice



I was wearing a cast while recording this so it's mostly trombone, bass guitar, voice, and drums


released November 24, 2011


all rights reserved



Ah, Venice Nanaimo, British Columbia


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Track Name: Oh My God It's Christmas
Nintendo blaster wrapped in plastic and newsprint from the 23rd,
you'll shoot your eye out, let your sister try it, no i know it's not for her.
got a GI Joe thing, mobile command I think, with moving parts until it breaks.
Got Optimus, lego and shit, space police battleship.
oh my God it's Christmas.

Got a transformer, a terminator, with robot parts inside.
Mariokart, train with moving parts, a friend of mine got lasertag.
go a doll with moving eyes, and an enterprise, authentic noise.
socks or some crap, kerplunk & mousetrap, set it up and set it off.
oh my God it's Christmas
Track Name: Get Down!
There's snow on the street, it'll stay there for weeks
so my bike's got the creaks, gotta buy me some grease
oh there's plenty to eat, so come in have a seat
take a load off your feet, oh you're soaked to your knees.

The leaves hit the ground and head straight out of town
so the snow could get down, yeah get down
so come back to town if you're not still around
and lose that frown, yeah get down
Track Name: Go Park The Car
Go park the car, we don't need it no more
we'll stay indoors, oh and we'll be so warm.
Let the pipes freeze oh I don't mind,
if the power goes out, oh I don't mind,
snow piles up, no I don't mind,
we've got a fire
Track Name: Wish
Wish on a fountain, wish on a tree, how's your family?
wish on a snowflake, wish on a trend, you can see your friends.
wish on a new star, wish on a squid, you can have a kid.
wish on an eyelash, wish on a kiss, have a merry christmas.

I got a call when it snowed in Montreal,
smells like snow, can't wait til my town decides to snow.
I miss my friends, too much snow is the best,
call them on the phone, come the frost and they'll be comin' home.

Wish on a rabbit, wish on a foot, you can have good looks.
wish on a candle, wish on a whale, you can have a tale.
wish on a whisker, wish for a spree or a PS3
wish on a clover, wish for yourself, you can have good health

if you make a wish and you whisper it in my ear
if you trust me, if you believe
if you make a wish and you whisper it in my ear
if you confess, I'll do my best
Track Name: Home for the Holidays
this is for everyday that you've been away
for the one's who stayed and those that changed
and for all the ones who brought you up to set you down
well now it's Christmas time and you're on our minds.
We're on our way back home.

So now the stage is set, and we're comin' out
just to see your face and hear your mouth
and when all is done and all is said we're your friends
now it's Christmas time and you're on our minds.
We're on our way back home
Track Name: Regift
Got a gift I never wanted, don't want to throw it in the garbage,
I was sad but I pretended, just to spare some disappointment.
In a box in a closet, wishin' I had simply lost it.
A year passed and now I'm given, another chance for giving presents.
To regift the same gift.
If I throw it in a stocking, won't have to rewrap the wrapping,
with a nice enough ribbon, maybe avoid any suspicion.
Oh the shame it is a splinter, infected from last winter,
and it'll only ever worsen, regifted person to person
Track Name: Swisscrissmass
If I lived in Switzerland I wouldn't celebrate Christmas,
I'd have maypole day. It'd be kinda lame.
But it might not be so bad if I had never had
home sweet home Christmas.

If I lived in Switzerland I wouldn't speak English so well
but I'd speak sweet German in sweet conversation
and I'd speak French too and I'd tell you joyeux noel.

If I lived in Switzerland I'd be totally into science,
don't need a reindeer rider, got a hadron collider,
got a sweet invention... Geneva convention? Merry christmas.

If I lived in Switzerland I'd have happy holidays
it'd be so exciting, with festive cheese or something,
watches and banks, and army shanks... Merry Christmas.
Track Name: Hallmark
This rules, three weeks off school

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